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Anti-scam protection
Customer satisfaction is of uttermost importance to us at FindBride. We take an enormous amount of effort to ensure that our comprehensive multi-tier anti-scam procedures allow our clients to receive effective and enjoyable service.These anti-scam procedures are almost impossible to circumvent.
1. Application submitted
Our applicant decides that she should find her fiancée overseas and files a request to register on our website by submitting a short description about herself.
2. Anti-scam background check
Upon receipt of her application, we conduct a rigorous background check across all known dating anti-scam databases. We also conduct a comprehensive criminal background check alongside other records, such as bankruptcies, judgments, liens, property records and records of drug abuse. The application would only be reviewed in the event that the applicant has a clean record in all of the databases.
3. Marital status check
Subsequently, we run a comprehensive check on the applicant's marriage and divorce records. Only the applicants who are single or divorced are permitted to register on our website.
4.Personal interview
Once the application is submitted for review, we invite the applicant to conduct a personal interview at our local agency in her city. In the event that one of our professionally trained managers suspects any discrepancies with her application during the interview, we may at our discretion offer the applicant to complete one of our specialized psychological tests to determine the applicant’s trustworthiness and credibility.
5. Document submission
Our managers scan all of the applicant's documents (including two forms of ID), as well as take a videotaped interview and pictures of the applicant.
6. Profile creation
Once all of these steps are completed in their entirety, our website's moderator produces the final decision whether the applicant's profile should be published on our dating platform.
Moderator approval!