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Success Stories
I love people with a good sense of humor and was looking for that person who could make me laugh at any moment. ... read more
Have you ever met on the Internet for a cup of coffee? Do you think this is impossible? Very possible! ... read more
It happens in life that the man whom you are looking for there, meets you at the other end of the world! ... read more
Sometimes it seems that in life there is no way out! The situation is getting into a dead end, and you ... read more
I have always been very superstitious, believed in signs, horoscopes, and let’s say so a person living according to the pattern! ... read more
If someone had told me earlier that I would marry a foreigner ... read more
But in real life we go through a lot to find our soul mate. My story began on this site about half a year ago. ... read more
I finished all my affairs, packed my things in that suitcase, and flew away to meet my happiness! ... read more
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