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We are not a typical couple

Yes, we are not a typical couple, because we could meet on the street because of our youth, but we met on the site findbride.com
My name is Oksana and my fairy tale happened on New Year's Eve! This is the present for miracles. Many times I made a wish when the New Year came, I asked for a good husband, family, children, but I did not get a cherished desire!
I’m like a loner in life, I had very few men in my life, and all my friends said that I was a unique woman! I watched them get married, have children, get divorced and get married again! And my personal life remained the same! Boring and lonely! And I don’t even give what the problem was, just the men who showed interest in me were not at all attractive to me!
And somehow I saw an advertisement for some site, I became interested and could view it! I read the story of happy couples and never thought that I would write my story!
In general, it was in December, I went took a photo, posted them on the site and began to spend time every day chatting to find the man of your dreams!
And you know what? It took me a whole week! I’ve been searching all my life, but here in a week ...
I met Christopher in a chat, he wrote me something, I don’t even remember that, the conversation was quite ordinary, but we talked for so long as old friends.
Our communication was only 3 weeks, I liked him, he seemed to like me. And so, on December 25, I was already at the Kiev airport and meet him from the plane!
The fairy tale that developed there quickly, just like lightning struck me!
Together we celebrated the New Year, it was the best in my life! And then I already made a specific desire that I knew for sure!
And I hope it comes true! After all, my dreams have almost reached the top!

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