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About living together

My name is Valentine and every day is like a fairy tale and all this thanks to Christopher

Only now, after half a year of living together with Christopher, I understand what real happiness is! Not a huge house with a pool, not a vacation on exotic islands, not a cool car.
Real happiness fall asleep holding the beloved man's hand, see his smile in the morning, prepare breakfast and get together for work, sms during the day and rather run home to see him! Doing sports together. A candlelight dinner and an evening portion of kisses .... this is what is real, what is impossible to measure for anything! I am still afraid to wake up at one point and realize that this is a dream! I am a girl from a small Ukrainian town, now I live in Canada, could I think about what would happen? Yes, never! I saw myself as the ordinary wife of an ordinary Ukrainian man, in a small apartment in my city, and how did it all happen? Yes, this is just a case that took me to a dating site! And the message with the photo that I sent to Christopher, and our first meeting and my first visit to the USA, and now my life is like a fairy tale! But I do not need a palace, a real prince can live in an ordinary apartment! The main thing is that I feel like a queen with him

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