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Perseverance for girls is a good quality

My name is Kristina, I am 35 years old, I have lived all my life in the city of Sumy, this is a very small city, there are few tourists, few institutes and very few good guys! It so happened that in life I was not lucky with men, or I did not fit them. Or they are to me. I was completely desperate and started to think that I would not build a family very soon, I got a job, I left for a career but every evening returning home I dreamed that my beloved husband and child would meet me.
It’s probably strange that at 35 I was never married, I turned to a psychologist, tried to understand what was wrong with me, what my trouble was, and it turned out that I had excessive demands on men! I tried to work on myself, but the result was never!
At my last chance, I decided to try men from other countries, I found a site for myself, registered and decided that this should work!
For half a year I talked on the site with men, but no one was able to hook me! And then one day I saw a new profile, I read it and realized that it was him! The one about which my thoughts and dreams! Appearance has never been decisive for me! I wrote him a letter, but there was no answer, I wrote more and more, I needed to hear at least some kind of answer! And so, after 5 unanswered letters I received a letter! Juan answered me, it was a small letter that meant so much to me!

We talked for a long time, then there was a meeting, then 3 more meetings, and now we are together! My perseverance and faith in the result did the trick!

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