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Story about Vasilisa and her David

Once in college, I had a dream that I was marrying a man in a white suit with a bow tie, and our wedding was taking place on some incredible islands of paradise. I am in a flying dress, with a white bouquet, around only the ocean and an arch of fresh flowers. We are standing on the shore and a warm wave is touching our feet ... I always scrolled this dream in my head, I was so pleased to remember it! But being a realist, I realized that this was probably just a dream! I grew up in an ordinary family, I never had the financial ability to even travel abroad not like a wedding!
And somehow fate brought me to a dating site, I was there for quite a while, about 3 years, I didn’t really believe in all these tales, the prince’s gender and Cinderella, I was just interested.
And I often talked with one guy, but our chats were not long and more as friendly, as once I received flowers from him! I was very surprised! After 3 months, we met with him! But after 1.5 years, we are now planning our wedding, on the islands, and probably I myself believed in my happiness, but it is real !!!


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