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Story with happy end

Probably every girl in my life met a lot of the wrong men! And each of them killed in a woman a piece of her faith in family and love!
I survived 3 very difficult breaks! I have never had many suitors, I am quite a family and home person, so in my life there were only 3 men, and all three just stuck a knife in the back!
Treason, treason and yet another betrayal! I thought it was some kind of curse! It cannot be that the shell hit three times in one place! And every time I, like a phoenix, rose from the ashes and started my journey again!
I really want children, for me a family in which there is a child is the biggest miracle! And I did not lose hope, continued to look for my love!
This path led me to the site! It's simple, a questionnaire, letters to heaps of profiles of men, how to find the very one ????
Do you know how ?! No way! He himself found me!
The letter and now we are texting each other, talking for three hours in a chat, his plane to Kiev, a restaurant, my plane to Oslo, and now we are already dying out the rings ....
my perseverance and perseverance yielded results! Thank you for the opportunity to chat with men from other parts of the world!

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