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Lamar finds Svetlana and they are happy now

I always looked at couples in love and did not understand why people love each other. Minor quarrels, lack of courtship and mutual claims. Perhaps this is how men are arranged, a couple of months they look after the girl, get attention and relax. And motom flowers only on holidays, a minimum of attention and feelings. I understood that I did not want to. Therefore, I did not rush to get married. And a couple of years ago I went to work in England, this was a simple job at a hotel, but I was interested to see the life of another country. And I saw a completely different reality! Men aged with their wives came to rest. We went to dinner by candlelight, and there was such tenderness in their relationship. .. then I decided to look for a husband from abroad. In London, I could not do it, but when I returned home I registered a profile and a large number of letters began to arrive. And of all of them, there was only one that immediately attracted attention! Lamar, this is a painting man with huge eyes, in his letters I saw strength and tenderness. We could spend all night in correspondence, it was my romantic adventure. I felt inside something special to him. And when we both decided to meet, I never regretted it, I was ready to leave on it and live in a hut on the beach. Perhaps this is how people at the level of instinct feel "their" person! And now, after a while, our feelings have not faded, he is also caring for me, I also try to be the best woman for him, and I am ready to become better, just so that our love will live forever

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