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Mutual respect David and Katya 

When I saw him for the first time, I realized how butterflies fly in my stomach. I used to think that this feeling is fiction and people just describe euphoria and feelings. But when I saw David's photo, I really felt like colorful butterflies soaring inside me.
I wish each person to feel this feeling Find someone who can wake up a new world inside you. To open new borders of your mind. To allow your heart to love not only yourself but also to love another person in the same way. To know the world around you thanks to such a great feeling.
It all happened to us here. We have been going to this for a long time. A lot of failures. Sometimes there are people on our life path who teach us lessons. They let us know exactly what we are looking for. And what we are not ready to endure anymore. Thanks to this experience I knew exactly which man I needed for happiness.
And I was able to find such a man here. To be more precise, he found me first. He took the first step to chat with me. I remember this time with a smile. Now every day we fall in love with each other more and more. We value and respect the personal time of each of us. We do not have any strict rules or prohibitions. We are adults with an adult outlook on life.

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