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Kevin and Alisa. Happiness in simple things

An attractive man with beautiful luminous eyes .. I saw the whole world in him .. I honestly didn’t even think before, such a romantic nature lives in me. It always seemed to me that I was not able to reveal my feelings and open my heart to someone. It was once broken and I lost the belief that true love and mutual understanding can reappear in my life.
Of course, now when I remember this, I understand that I was upset and was guided by a feeling of disappointment and pain.
Sometimes in such cases you need a good friend who can listen to you at any moment and help you. Kevin turned out to be such a person. At first there was friendship between us. We understood each other very well. After that, we noticed that we were physically attracted to each other. I often started thinking about him and he also wrote to me that he thinks too much about me. It seemed to me that there were no more thoughts in my head besides him. I forgot about my pain and past experience. We could not focus on anything other than each other. And of course we are together now. Can hearts in love be without each other for a long time? We couldn’t. Therefore, we are together.

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