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Rob and Alina. Life has changed a landmark

Sometimes it’s strange for me to think that in just 10 months I changed my life by 180 degrees!
Now I have a beloved man, but I do not wake up with him every day. But this is temporary. It remains to complete the matter, make documents and pack your suitcase!
It all started on a dating site which I decided to try as an experiment! And my experiment was a million percent successful! I'm pretty shy in life, and guys like more daring girls, and now online dating is what you need! There I can open up in correspondence, show my inner part. And by the time of the meeting I was already ready for it! I knew that this was a wonderful person and I never doubted that again I would be chained and clamped.
We talked on the site for half a year before our first meeting, and this time seemed to fly by quickly, but on the other hand I was so looking forward to this meeting that it seemed to me forever!
But we waited, and our meeting was like good wine or cheese which needs endurance to become a masterpiece! And now I'm just happy that Rob has appeared in my world! And now I look forward to when I can move to him for permanent life! And I'm not clamped anymore, with him I can be myself!

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