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Angelica and Arnie, fateful meeting that ends in a wedding

My name is Angelica, now I am 31 years old and I'm going to get married. And it all started with my letter on a dating site! I was afraid to write first, so Mom raised me, but in this life everything works differently.
Our love began precisely because of my determination!
Fortunately, Arnie answered. But he did not show that I was interesting to him, he always kept a certain distance
I was somehow offended, I gave all my emotions, opened my soul to him, but he still did not let me closer than I was!
As it turned out later, Arnie was simply afraid that I was serious about him, that I was too young and would never become his wife!
Our age difference is significant. 10 years, but the main thing is that they don’t scare me! And now it doesn’t scare him either! And soon we will be together forever

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