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A story that changed their lives

Martin  and Olga
I was already over 30 years old. And behind my back there were 2 love stories that ended. But I wanted to be happy and knew that I would definitely be happy with a man. It seemed to me that the problem for building a relationship would be that I have a child. And I thought that I had less chance of finding love.
But as it turned out, men who want real feelings are not at all afraid of the fact that a woman can have a child. Martin turned out to be such a man. He immediately said that it was a great joy and honor for him if I let him become part of our family. After that, my heart calmed down. I found a common language with him and we had a long discussion with Martin how we see family life. We had the same view of life. It was a sleepless night of conversation. After this night, I realized that I wanted to communicate only with him. He found a way to my heart. Relations with children he also developed immediately. He loves me and my baby. I love him forever and I am happy that we are together. I advise all my lonely friends to believe in their fate and look for it on the Internet.

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