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Sveta find her Arnie

The happy story of our love began with a dating site!
I still do not believe that this happened! I have always taken these acquaintances not seriously enough!
A couple of years ago I posted my profile on the site. At that time, milking me was a matter of curiosity! In my life I have already managed to give up on men several times! And I wanted to look at the temperament and mentality of foreigners
And after 2 weeks, I met Arnie on the site, incredibly smart, constantly joking, complimenting him. The clock flew like minutes!
Then I realized that my feelings went beyond just communicating with the Internet.
I was waiting for our meeting, I needed to confirm my impressions of him.
Our meeting took place only 11 months later, when we saw each other, we just stood in the lobby of the hotel and held hand! I already without words. I realized that it was he, my best man!
Now we are together, our relations are developing and continuing! And I am very happy

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