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Kristina and her future husband Harry

My name is Kristina, and my future husband Harry, our story began not so long ago, with one letter
This letter I wrote to him, and 3 months waiting for an answer .... Harry is older than me, and this small age difference scared him, but not me. I have long understood that men too late become truly ready for a relationship, and you should not expect a man to be completely serious and willing to get married. These thoughts led me to the site, I understood what I want and who I am looking for
But Harry thought I was playing and just not serious to him. He could not believe that a young woman would want to be with an adult man!
Therefore, I had to bombard him with letters and constantly remind myself!
And after 3 months he gave up and opened my letter!
And I think then he saw in me the real one!
And still I'm real with him! I love him, and I want our love to live forever!

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