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Incredible story  of Oksana ans Sylvian

The biggest miracle. This is when you were not looking, but quite by accident found a vault of love!
My story began with the fact that I worked as an English translator, and my job was to translate letters! Once I do my job, and I got a picture of a man on the site, I can even explain to myself why, but his eyes sunk into my soul, I thought about him dearly and understood his name - Sylvian ...
2 months passed, for some reason I continued to think about him ... and I decided to create a set of profiles ...
And I started looking for him on the site!
It took a lot of time, it was not so easy to know the name and one photo to find the same man.
I still found him, and honestly wrote him the whole story!
He was so moved that our story began from that moment! After half a year, we met, and still our relations are actively developing. That's how my perseverance and adventurism led us to a big and pure love

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