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I was very shy

My name is Ruslana. By coincidence, I met a woman at my job. And she told me that her daughter got married with the help of a marriage agency and a find bride website. I hesitated for a long time and was afraid to register. I didn't know how my kids would react. But then I talked to my son and he said that it was time for me to build my happiness and look for love. He said that I deserve a sincere relationship full of real feelings.

I was very shy, but the girls from the agency are so friendly and pleasant that they very quickly revealed and reassured me. And the site's service was incredibly simple and easy to use, even for such an unsure computer user like me.
When I got the first letter from Charlie, I was confused. Because he is such a handsome man. From the first letters I understood what it means to feel like a real woman. We started texting and often communicated via video. Then we exchanged contacts and corresponded by mail. But we had to wait a long time for the meeting, as the pandemic began. It was very difficult for us. As our feelings grew stronger every day, we could not meet. And at the end of 2020, Charlie managed to fly to Odessa. We spent wonderful 10 days together. I remembered what it means to be a desirable and beloved woman. And Charlie was pleasantly surprised that I met him at the airport with gifts and Ukrainian dishes. This time was enough for us to understand that we want to be together and develop our relationship. I'm going to fly to Charlie's place soon. Thank you very much to the entire team of the site find bride and the local agency for giving us such happiness.

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