If you are fell into stagnant
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If you are fell into stagnant, into a dead end, if everything has stopped and does not move at all, and you are sinking deeper into quicksand - you need to clear everything. Cut off, throw away, get rid of what has accumulated. Somewhere there is a reason. You need to go to mail and instant messengers - and delete all spam, all old letters, unnecessary messages. Clean up the workplace, disassemble papers, remove all unnecessary things from the phone. Even contacts are unnecessary. To clean the list of friends from "dead accounts", no one has been using it for a long time. And from people who really died; this also happens. It is necessary that as after the repair: it became empty and ringing from emptiness. It's not easy, oddly enough. Something inside resists - this is precisely that unnecessary connection with the past, through which we lose energy. And at first nothing will happen. No immediate results. And then the space is filled with positive energy, fresh images, new useful contacts. And everything will be refreshed and improved; the way works. The burden of the past is left behind, the pond is filled with fresh water, forces appear. And you can live and work on.