I am a positive person and I like to get everything out of life. I enjoy the little things in life and try to appreciate every moment. I am sociable and cheerful, for me it is important to have a passion in life and realization, now my career is connected to dancing and sports, it gives me a lot of positive emotions. I madly love to travel, I want to travel all over the world and see all that is hidden away from people, where even foot of the man did not touch. I like to watch good movies with deep meaning.
I like to get out into the fresh air more often, have an active lifestyle, talk to people and share emotions.
I like reading interesting books, I even started my own small library at home.
Sometimes I am in the mood that I just want to stay at home in a comfortable environment and be alone with my thoughts and dreams. Everyone needs a moment of peace and quiet.
Those values that are put in the first place in our world, unfortunately, do not correspond to the value that is given to them.
Most of all I value in a man loyalty, honesty, responsiveness and commitment. All these qualities are important to me.
It is important for me in a relationship to be able to appreciate, to be able to build a harmonious and productive relationship, thereby making life happier.
Love for me is about going through everything together.
Love is about seeing the soul of the other, it is about dissolving into a sense of unrestrained desire to make the other half happier, to be a support for him, a beacon of light.
I am honest with you and ready to share with you the beautiful moments of life that we will have ahead of us, where we will just enjoy each other, respect and love. The key to happiness is so simple - just enjoy this life, the moments and appreciate that we will just have each other, happy and together.