Step by step - and here you are happy. Searching for love is an incomparable journey with a certain experience that will remain in memory forever) I like to develop myself, try something new) Everything is new - Everything is interesting. I am fond of drawing, sometimes dancing, and I also like to create some works with my own hands. When I watched cartoons as a child, I dreamed of finding my prince on a white horse. Live in a beautiful castle next to him and enjoy life. Everything changes, we grow up and understand that not everything is as beautiful as in a fairy tale. Everyone has their experiences or some challenges that happen on our life path. But I want to find a man with whom we can combine these experiences and joys, with whom we will find a common goal and fulfill it together. We are all not perfect, but everyone has a beautiful inside, which sometimes hides behind a large mass of muscles or a sad face, I want to find this beautiful and enjoy life with a loved one. I'm not looking for an ideal, I'm looking for someone who will be close to me, who will support and respect me. Just be yourself, and don't let your inner convictions deny you what will be with you for the rest of your life. It is impossible to know everything, but when you know it, you feel armed and ready to overcome obstacles.