Dancing under the starry roof of november !!!
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You collect autumn leaves in the park in a bouquet, and then ... carefully spread the herbarium on the pages of old books that no one else reads ... now these are forbidden books ... the leaves have a tart and dusty smell ... mmm ... sweet !
I feel like a forest child of nature, I am inspired by the everyday: the crafty rays of the sun on a rainy day, the crunch of the grass underfoot, the rustle of bright foliage ...
I love starfall ... the sky is of great importance in my life. Thick, hazy, bluish-bright, smooth and black, covered with clouds, like a giant spider web. The sky inspires me and guides me in the moments of the inner storm, and for a long time I look for the reflection of my eyes in its blue.
The sky is a great power, an irreplaceable part of the universe and the main easel for extraterrestrial infinity.
The sky looks like FREEDOM to me !!!! ⠀
As a child, I looked at the sky for several hours in a row ... I just lay there and studied it, every cloud and cloud, every bird that flew over it. The night sky is especially beautiful, isn't it?
Now it turns out to look at the sky in short snatches.
And as a child, I loved to sketch constellations, read about planets and stars, invent magical stories ...
This is how I learned about the magical atlas.stars, which gave me a piece of the starry sky.
This day is especially important for me: great internal and external changes began with it.
Every time I cast a glance at the map, when I am in a hurry and run out of the house with the jingle of keys, or in the evening before getting into bed, I close my eyes, slow down and mentally thank the universe for all the resources, it fills from the inside. "Happiness can be found even in the darkest times, if you remember to turn on the light"
Tell me, do you have such reminders of the heart at home?
What is your inspiration when you want to reach for the light so badly?