Old New year. What holiday is it?
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Where did this strange phrase come from? How can the New Year be old? This tradition has its origins in the divergence of the Gregorian calendar, which is in force today, and the Julian or "old style". These calendars differ by 13 days. So, due to the change in chronology, we have an additional holiday.
On the night of January 13-14, the family gathers at the table to celebrate the holiday that closes the New Year's string. Due to the end of the Christmas fast, the Orthodox can only celebrate the Old New Year with all their hearts.
For most of us, the New Year is a family holiday, we stay at home that night, and the Old New Year, in turn, is an excellent occasion to meet with friends and celebrate it in a noisy company. Even non-believers love this holiday; a festive table is set with many delicacies and champagne. Although the bustle associated with the New Year is unusual for him and this holiday is celebrated more calmly, people continue to be hospitable and generous.
In our country, before the New Year fell on the Christmas season, many folk New Year signs are associated with the Old New Year. For example, it used to be believed that on the morning of January 14, the first person to enter the house must be a man; if a woman is the first, this threatens the family with misfortune. Even on this day, no one should be given a loan, so as not to need money for the whole next year. In addition, if snow or fog falls on New Year's, there will be a good harvest.
Old New Year is widely celebrated not only in Russia, but also in many European countries. Of course, not everyone celebrates this holiday, but the tree still stands until January 14. Still, this is the last opportunity to feel the magical New Year's atmosphere, which will then be hidden until next year. In my opinion, a holiday is never superfluous.