Several rituals for a strong relationship
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Today I want to share with you rituals that will help to improve your relationship with your partner.

Regularly and mindfully hugging, holding hands and kissing when you wake up, go to bed, leave home or return.

Write letters and leave notes to each other, especially when one of you is about to leave or when your couple is reconnecting after a quarrel.

Make a habit of calling during the day to ask each other how things are going.

Create a special ritual for heart-to-heart conversations. Not for those dedicated to everyday issues and problem solving. For these purposes, allocate a special time once a week. For example, on Friday evening, after dinner, you can drink tea and talk about everything. It will only be your time.

Choose a special time for the two of you. For example, have breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning without the kids, or adjust your schedules so that you have time to eat together at the start of each day.

Have regular dates, even once a month.

Once a year, go to courses together, learn something new.

Celebrate special days for the two of you, anniversaries and birthdays in a special way - in your own way. Sometimes it seems that such events could be abandoned. But remind yourself: this is the clearest proof that you love your loved ones and always think about them.

Always pay attention to any victories and achievements of a partner. Constantly praise him or her. Sincere remarks like “it was hard for you, but you did it”, “you worked so hard on this project, no one could do more” almost always work better than specific advice. We often praise and celebrate the achievements of our children. And at the same time, for some reason, we forget that partners need our recognition no less.

Never miss an opportunity to declare the merits of your partner and demonstrate how happy you are in a relationship, in public. It can be anything from repeating marital vows at a family celebration to a simple “thank you.” Especially if gratitude is expressed in the presence of friends, for example, for a delicious dinner or for support in a difficult situation.

Sometimes the routine makes a truly intimate love relationship almost impossible. You can create your own planned and well-structured ceremonies designed to strengthen the relationship and bring you and your partner closer.