A little about me (Charles)
id: 340145

I had an old ID (289190).
When I recently had difficulty logging in, I asked for help.
They helped me, but, for some reasons, they then created a new ID for me (340145).
I lost everything that was associated with my old ID (lots of letters from ladies, among others).
I still have to contact them about this.

Я ищу женщину, которая заведет меня, и которую я заведу, на долгие годы (с ее/моим телом и личностью)
Мы будем страстными любовниками и очень хорошими друзьями
I’m first a thinker, then a doer
I like reading, studying, thinking, writing
I work in accounting and finance and I like what I do
Apart from that, I’m interested, among others, in history, philosophy, psychology, law, politics, sciences, cultures, languages, literature, arts
I’m an intellectual, but I also need passionate physical, sexual love
I’ll help you become the best woman, person you can be;
I hope you’ll do the same for me
We’ll be two equal but different parts, complementing, needing each other
I’d like to spend time with you, talking, cooking, dining out, walking hand in hand, kissing, going out to see a movie, to attend a concert, in nature, doing all sorts of outdoor activities, sports, or, listening to music or watching TV, just holding you close to me and passing my hand slowly in your hair
I find it important to take time to get to know each other well through sincere, thoughtful letters and occasional chats, asking (and answering) each other all sorts of questions, touching on all sorts of subjects, just as if we were chatting in person;
if we feel more and more attracted to each other, we of course want to go on to a meeting
If we don’t sincerely write much to each other, I wonder if we’ll talk much to each other, in person
I hope we can really count on each other when we experience difficulties
Apart from passionate physical, sexual love, we’ll also truly be interested in each other’s mind, personality, beliefs, values, interests, priorities, tastes, likes (people, activities, things), strong points, qualities (traits), talents (scientific, artistic, social, sport), past, family, education, achievements, experience, dreams, heart, soul
We’ll hopefully both much value many of the following qualities
GOODNESS, simplicity, HONESTY, RESPECT, CARE/FRIENDSHIP, LOVE/PASSION, LOYALTY/FAITHFULNESS, FAMILY ORIENTATION (valuing children, education, healthcare, family life), VERY GOOD COMMUNICATION (writing intimate, personal, sincere letters to each other, confiding in, sharing with, each other), consideration, understanding, HUMANITY/HUMANNESS, intelligence, DEPTH, MEANINGFULNESS, REFLECTION, ETHICS, REFINEMENT, SENSITIVITY, SUPPORT, MERIT, hard work, RELIABILITY, responsibility,

Что ты говоришь? Ты собираешься принять душ, сейчас? Наедине?
"О, Чарльз.."
ОМГ.. (Подмигнуть!)