Did you know that love has five languages?
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Did you know that love has five languages?
I can tell you about them because everyone speaks their own love language. And I wonder how it is for you❤️❤️
The first language is words.
A language in which emotions are expressed verbally. These can be compliments, words of love, words of support or approval.
The second language is touch. Speech expressed in hugs, kisses, caresses.
The third language is gifts. For some people, the most powerful manifestation of love is gifts. Not necessarily very expensive, the gift (like flowers chocolate) and
The fourth language is a person's actions and actions.
The fifth language is time as a manifestation of love. After all, time is the most valuable resource that you cannot buy back.
Now tell me what language do you speak?
I speak all these languages very well. because true love is eyes tell it very well.bulent