Beauty day
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Decided the other day to devote some time to myself. Hair oil, body care in the bathroom. Well, I think I'm going for a walk, so I should try this mask too. I put it on.

I closed my eyes. Relaxed. The phone rang. I reset it. I got messages. I wondered who was so impatient.

Opened my eyes. Looked into the phone. Girlfriend. "I need to tell you." - "I can't right now, I've got a mask on my face, it'll be 20 minutes." - "I just don't have anyone else..." - "I'll get it, I'll call you back."

Closed her eyes. Trying to relax. But there's a friend in front of her eyes. Worried about what happened. In need of help. No one else to turn to...

I opened my eyes. I took off my mask. I dial a number immediately. "Are you there yet? You could take your time. Okay. Can you believe I dreamt that?"

Well, I'll get the mask done someday. In six months. Just in time for summer. I'll be beautiful!