Friendship and love
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The creation of a family is the result of the emergence of erotic love between us. Therefore, today we will pay attention to this type of love relationship. Although no matter what kind of love we consider, it will in any case be closely connected with the friendships that love gives rise to. But first things first.

No matter what some individuals may say about the benefits and conveniences of loneliness, but still man was and remains a social being. Each of us needs communication, because it plays a huge role in the formation of the psyche, cultural and behavioral qualities. As a result of communication, intimate interpersonal relationships arise, which will be discussed.

This type of relationship is difficult to describe in a nutshell, because people often confuse friendship with types of communication (personal, motivational, etc.), so I think it’s worth sorting everything out.

Friendship can be characterized as a type of relationship that is characterized by: mutual openness and trust; community of interests; understanding.

And now in more detail.

1. Friends are always open to each other, trust their innermost thoughts, not being afraid that their feelings and desires will be ridiculed and presented to the public. Agree, it’s not clear why the hell you need a friend with whom you can’t talk heart to heart, share sadness and joy alien to strangers.

2. Friends, as a rule, always have common interests and hobbies. Here, too, everything is clear. It is very difficult to call a person a friend if you simply have nothing to discuss. At the same time, friends do not have to like, for example, the same music. In this case, the key word is music, because tastes are still arguing.

3. Friendship is based on deep mutual understanding. I think many have noticed that good old friends understand us perfectly and are even able to predict our thoughts and actions in a given situation. From the point of view of psychology, mutual understanding is the ability to communicate with a person practically without words, using facial expressions, gestures, voice modulations, etc. Personally, I find out from one greeting what mood my close friend or girlfriend is in at the moment.

4. A well-known song from childhood also quite clearly characterizes friendly relations: “A friend will not leave you in trouble, he will not ask too much ...”

After all, a friend really will not leave you in trouble, since true friendship implies mutual devotion, readiness to help at any moment. It is unlikely that you will call a person a friend if he leaves you in a dark alley to be torn to pieces by gopniks. He won’t ask too much either - there is always a certain delicacy between friends. Discussing this or that issue, friends try to think over their words as much as possible so as not to hurt or offend each other, which indicates a caring attitude.

5. And most importantly, self-interest is not characteristic of friendly relations. Yes, friends help each other, friendship is often beneficial from different points of view. But they help not because they expect something in return, but at the behest of the soul, because it is pleasant for them to do so.

If we interpret friendships more or less close to the true meaning, then with love everything is much sadder. And here and there, everywhere and everywhere we see quotes from unknown martyrs and blind fanatics who give love very dubious characteristics. Some consider it their duty to sacrifice their interests, the aforementioned friends, and even their own jaw as a sacrifice to their “beloved”. Others, like parrots, repeat other people's thoughts, such as: "They love not for something, but in spite of everything." Yes Yes. With such views, it is better not to have children.

Sorry, it got a little carried away ... So, about love.

Love is both a feeling, and an art, and a type of relationship. Universal, however, a thing.

Love is a positive interpersonal relationship that does not allow blind worship and submission to a person. In general, I would say that love is friendship, plus a couple of special fads. After all, this mysterious feeling is the height of the intimacy of human relationships, the highest, so to speak, their point, which originated from the depths of friendship. She is their happy continuation, and not a temple on the ashes of friendly relations, as many used to believe.

A loving person will not make the object of his sympathy suffer. He will join the hobbies of his beloved and share his interests with him. Love relationships involve self-improvement and spiritual enrichment. Respect, mutual understanding and trust, devotion and care - isn't this a sign of true love?!

A person who loves someone never behaves embitteredly with other people, because by loving one, enriched by love, he shares the excess of feeling with everyone, which is expressed in the kindness and responsiveness of a loving person. Truly loving people are usually genuine altruists.

Love has varieties, the discussion of which we will omit.

Erotic love is closer to our topic. This type of love differs from its other types, as well as from friendship, by the desire to merge with a person not only psychologically and spiritually, but also physically - to leave offspring from a loved one, as a particle of feeling.

Erotic love is exceptional in that it highlights the only beloved being and endows the lover with the need for a special relationship with his soul mate.

And yet, whatever one may say, love was, is and will be a feeling more spiritual than physical, and in fact the spiritual rapprochement of people begins precisely with friendly relationships.

It is impossible to build a strong, happy family and adequately raise offspring without mutual respect, understanding and devotion. You cannot build a solid life, thinking only about your own interests and personal comfort.

Everything is in the palm of your hand. It remains for us to draw conclusions.