How to save a long-distance relationship?
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There are a number of pluses in such a relationship:

- You have a lot more time for yourself! ( + )

- Family life is no longer a threat to you! ( + )

- Most complexes are removed! ( + )

- Everyone can weigh their actions on easier ground! ( + )

- Love only gets stronger every day, it's like a drug, it makes love stronger! ( + )

But there are some downsides:

- See your partner less. ( - )

- Possible quarrels because of mistrust. ( - )

- Obsessive thinking. ( - )

But agree that all of this can be easily overcome. And besides, there are a lot more pros than cons!

How to save a long-distance relationship?

1. Communicate more often, the emotional closeness between people depends on the frequency, duration and intensity of communication, so try if possible to use all available means of communication every day.

2. Spend your holidays together! A glass of champagne and cute video conversations will put a strain on your smiles!

3. Send each other pictures and videos, I think everyone in love needs it!

4. Support each other in difficult moments.

5. Try to assess the situation sensibly and trust your other half.

I think that there are a number of pluses and critically few minuses, in addition, all of these minuses are easily solvable. I think my advice is not useless as well as my thoughts. Everyone can decide for himself whether such a relationship is worth it or not, but I think that the chance of such a relationship is definitely there. After the meeting, the union will only become stronger and nothing else can threaten such a relationship!