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There is an idiom in Turkish. When there is a Full Moon in the sky, we call it "AY DEDE".
So grandpa moon…
Tonight I received a letter from a person I love dearly.
She calls me "My Husband"...
Ahhh this word is my dreams word.
Up... I looked at the sky. There is no full moon... Let it be... It doesn't matter. I create the full moon "AY DEDE" (So grandpa moon) in my dreams.
I looked up at the sky... and asked.
-So grandpa moon... Can you tell me where is the woman I love? and what is she doing?
-hoh hoh hooo... Boy, you think about him, but he thinks about you too!...
-How is this my grandfather?
-Understand, my son... When women love, they love fully and truly...
- Grandpa, what should I do?
-Look, son... I've been watching lovers from above for thousands of years. I will give a brief advice on what they have done. I want you to wake up... Please.
1. While I'm in the sky, take the woman you love. Take my hands in your palms. Look into their eyes. If he's looking at you and his eyes are shining, you know he loves you and his lips are slightly parted.
2. Here come closer to your lips. kiss the woman you love tight. Do not part your lips.
3. Pull it to you and press it to your heart; let him know that you love him.
4.then grab the waist... walk slowly. It's good to walk on the beach. Whisper in his ear that you love him. Kiss on the neck - forehead.
5- Lay him on the beach. Kiss your lips - breasts... then... don't make me say more, son.
- - Ohhh So grandpa moon…
- - sus evladım... dediklerimi yap sen.
- So this is the end of it....
- Hoh Hoh Hooo of course, what do Seven people do? The result is a perfect combination.
_Hmmmm. I got it, grandpa. Thank you for the advice you gave. I hope the woman I love will be happy with what I will do! 3
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