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I am a Sagittarius.By Chinese zodiac, a rabbit. Read on:

Ideal Partner for the Sagittarius Man: Attractive and Intriguing

The perfect soulmate for the Sagittarius man has a rich imagination but is, at the same time, down-to-earth and reliable.
When it comes for the Sagittarius man’s ideal partner, this is someone as passionate and ready for adventure as he is.

The woman who has a rich imagination and is down-to-earth at the same time is definitely right for him. Aside from all this, he wants someone who can take care of a home and who can make some money on her own.

More than this, she needs to be ready to give him all the freedom he so much needs because the Archer man is one of the most independent in the entire zodiac. He doesn’t mind a lady who is as free and self-confident as himself, so it’s unlikely to see this man with someone clingy or who can’t deal with problems on her own.

It’s good that he’s never possessive or jealous, which means he’s perfect for someone who likes to sometimes flirt. Looking at all the zodiac signs, it can be said that the Aries makes the perfect partner for the Sagittarius man.
His personality can be a little bit dual, which means he can change his behavior when flirting, from one minute to another. This means it can be difficult to determine who he is for real. One moment he’s flirtatious and caring, the other he seems like he doesn’t care about the person he was so interested in earlier.

This means he needs someone patient, a woman who can put up with all the changes in his personality. He surely wants to be with a lady who’s just like him, which is interested in learning new things and experiencing life in a different way with every day that passes.

He also wants someone to join him in his travels, a person who wants to try new food and to dream with him about the places they’re going to visit together.

Funny, adventurous and passionate in bed, he’s also very appreciated for his lovemaking skills. Many women love him for saying what’s on his mind and approaching them in a direct manner.
He gives a lot of importance to physicality, so he likes girls that always look good, even if he’s not into makeup and fancy clothes. What matters the most to him is that the woman she likes has an open mind and doesn’t care too much about settling down.

In the bedroom, he will try everything and not shy away when his lover suggests something new. He sees sex as a sport, which means he needs someone who has a lot of endurance. In case his wife doesn’t care too much about how much time he spends around their home, he’s the happiest because he really isn’t the domestic type.

What he wants the most from his home is to be filled with laughter. The person who lives with him should be prepared to hear jokes all the time, also to be told the harsh truth. This is why he’s not compatible with sensitive people who can’t accept being bluntly told what they’re doing wrong.

Diplomacy and tact never describe the Sagittarius man because he’s trying to be honest no matter the cost. The most compatible signs with the Sagittarius are Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.