Where can you go? which is the best to visit?
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1. Synevyr, Transcarpathia
Not far from Synevyr in Synevyrska Polyana is the Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center;
In the outskirts of the lake, you can also see a military attraction - the Arpad Line fortification, built by Hungarian troops during World War II.
An hour's drive from the lake, you can visit a picturesque place in Ukraine - the 14-meter Shipit waterfall, fed by melt water.

2. Stone village, Zhytomyr region
To get to this landmark of Ukraine, you need to get to the village of Rudnya-Zamyslovetska, Olevsky district, and then go on a hike (3 km) to the geological reserve “Stone Village”.
Stone boulders are located in the forest far from civilization, so do not count on cafes, souvenir shops, toilets and the like. In addition to the beautiful wild place of Ukraine with mysterious stones, there is nothing there.

3. Sofiyivka, Cherkasy region
Fantasy Park "New Sofiyivka".
Just 4 km from the park is the city of Uman, where you can book a cheap hotel.
The distance from Kyiv to the park is 100 km, which is about 1 hour 40 minutes drive.
The best time to visit is late spring and early autumn, but summer is also possible, as you can enjoy the coolness in the shade of tall plants.

4. Valley of daffodils, Transcarpathian region
The valley is only 4 km from the natural boundary.
Picking flowers is prohibited.

5. Stanislavsky canyon, Kherson region
Fans of Andrey Kuzmenko's songs can see these picturesque places in Ukraine in the video for the song "Places of Happy People".
You can also see the mountains from the side of the Dnieper-Bug estuary during a walking tour in a kayak.
This is an ideal place for families with children, ecotourism, family holidays. You can stand with a tent.

6. Aktovsky canyon, Mykolaiv region
Not far from the canyon there is a reserved tract Trikratsky forest, which was created by man in the 19th century.
Great photos can be taken against the backdrop of white rocks in Devil's Canyon.
This is an excellent place for extreme sports: rafting on the Migey rapids.

7. Dzhurinsky waterfall in the Ternopil region
If you decide to swim in the waterfall, then this can be done in its lower part. You should be careful, as there may be sharp stones at the bottom.
Many tourists come here on weekends to see the most beautiful place in Ukraine. Therefore, choose weekdays and early hours.
A 30-minute walk from it is the waterfall "Maiden's Tears" and a small grotto - "hermit's cave".

8. Castle Radomysl, Zhytomyr region
Museum of Ukrainian domestic icons, which contains a rich collection of exhibits from different years.
Ritual hall, where you can see a lot of items of Ukrainian life of different times.
Concert hall where music concerts are held.
Landscape park with waterfalls, islands, sculptures, rich flora and fauna.
Boutique hotel, which is included in the 100 best hotels in Ukraine.
Papirnya with master classes.

9. Kamenetz-Podolsky, Khmelnitsky region
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral built in 1893 with sparkling neo-Byzantine style domes.
The Cathedral of Peter and Paul, built in the 15th century, combined two cultures - Muslim and Christian.
The Turkish fortification bastion is a beautiful location for photos and walks.
Armenian Market Square is one of the most exquisite and beautiful historical places in the city.

10. Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk region
Waterfalls "Girl's Tears", "Hook" and "Probiy".
Enclosure of the Carpathian NNP, where you can see and feed the animals.
Dovbush rocks.
Mountain valley and cheese factory located nearby.