Thanksgiving day in the USA november 24
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Thanksgiving was originally a holiday of expressing gratitude and appreciation to God, as well as to family and friends for material well-being and kindness. In the United States and Canada, this holiday has largely lost its religious significance and has become civil, generally accepted and nationwide.
This holiday has its roots deep in American history, to the very first settlers from England, who arrived on the shores of America in 1620 on the now famous Mayflower ship. They landed after a hard voyage across a stormy ocean in what is now Massachusetts on a frosty November day and founded the Plymouth Colony.
More than half of the approximately 100 arrivals could not survive the harsh winter and perished from cold, starvation and disease. The survivors established a colony and began tilling the land in the spring with the help of local Indians, most notably Squanto, who taught them what crops to grow and how to grow on this inhospitable rocky soil. An unexpectedly rich harvest was the reward for their efforts. The first governor of the colonists, William Bradford, proposed a day of thanksgiving to the Lord. For a holiday in the fall of 1621, the Pilgrim Fathers invited the leader and 90 other Indians of the tribe that helped them survive in unfamiliar conditions. This meal, shared with the Indians, was the first Thanksgiving celebration. Subsequently, the colonists celebrated a good harvest with occasional Thanksgiving festivities.
After gaining independence and the emergence of a single state of the United States, the first president of the country, George Washington, proposed to celebrate Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday every year on November 26th. And after the end of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November.
Usually cooked: turkey, cranberry sauce, vegetables, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie.

I think that all Ukrainians wish Americans a happy Thanksgiving!
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