30 ways to be romantic at no cost
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1. Write a poem
2. Have a romantic dinner
3. Get a massage
4. Have a Sunset Picnic
5. Collect flowers or a bouquet of leaves
6. Burn love songs to a disc
7. Read poetry together
8. Write love notes
9. Write a love letter via email
10. Have a moon walk in the park
11. Watch a movie about love
12. Take a bath together
13. Arrange a walk in significant places for you
14. Make an album with joint photos and write beautiful inscriptions
15. Spend an evening by candlelight
16. Have an evening of long kisses
17. Dance to a romantic song
18. Have an evening of dreams
19. Go to an exhibition or a movie
20. Have an evening of memories of a first date
21. Host a rooftop dinner
22. Confess your love in different words or in different languages
23. Act out a scene from a romantic movie together.
24. Confess your love in public
25. Order your favorite song on the radio
26. Feed each other strawberries or grapes
27. Play wish fulfillment
28. Make dessert together
29. Make a wish list
30. Paint each other with scented paints