Time for yourself: how to pay attention to the most precious person in life
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Time for yourself is a manifestation of love

We think much more often about other people who are not thinking about us at all. We "voraciously" read bloggers. We follow all fashion trends in order to "respond". We are terribly afraid of criticism from other people and try to please everyone so that they "love" us.

But self-love begins precisely with those actions that help us take care of ourselves! Loving yourself is not a feeling or nice words. These are the actions you take every day, giving yourself time and attention! Self-love is:

* realize your desires;
* remember your goals;
* take care of health;
* study and get to know your emotions;
* engage in your favorite sport;
* eat healthy food and enjoy it;
* spend time with those people who support and believe in you;
* do what you like;
* do what you don't like only if it will really quickly advance you to your goals;
* be able to determine priorities for the day - do those things that are important for you and your development, and that bring resources, strength, health and money.

Finding time for yourself can be very difficult, especially if you work a lot. But it is worth starting to carve out free moments right now. To begin, set aside 15 minutes. For example, start spending more time with loved ones and friends. Spend your free time training or reading useful books. You can always find time for this. And you will see for yourself: the time that was wasted will begin to bring benefits every day!

Sleep helps you take care of yourself. Sleep is the foundation of self-care.
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