Without borders: why does the world need more actresses from other countries?
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Let's start with the fact that cinema is an art that knows many languages and cultures. Each country has its own unique culture, traditions and history, which can be beautifully represented through the art of cinema. Thus, having actresses from different countries can enrich the film industry and offer new and exciting stories to the audience.

In addition, diversity in cinema helps promote cultural exchange and understanding between countries. Cinema can be a powerful medium that can transcend language and cultural barriers, and actresses from different countries can become mediators in this process. Their work can help people better understand and appreciate other cultures.

In addition, diversity in the film industry promotes creativity and innovation. Actresses from different cultures can bring fresh ideas, perspectives and approaches to the art of acting, which can result in unique and exciting films.

But, of course, we should not forget that regardless of nationality, the main thing is the talent and professionalism of the actress. Ultimately, it is the quality of her work that determines her success in the industry, not just her place of origin.
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Diversity in the film industry is not only good for the arts, but also for our worldview and cultural enrichment.