Why am i, like a cat, dreaming of warmth and affection, but i am left alone
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As a cat, I get great pleasure from warm hugs and affection. If I could, I would start every morning with a gentle purr and a cozy wrap. I imagine how comfortable it would be, lying in a soft chair, receiving caring strokes and feeling the warmth of another being. Every time I watch cats floating in clouds of happiness from human attention, I get a feeling of deep envy and longing.

But despite this sincere desire, I remain alone. My life is full of interesting events and reflections, but often I am haunted by a feeling of loneliness. The feeling that no one is ready to give me those long-awaited hugs and affection. I sit by the window, watching the world, and dream that someone, like a kind hand, could warm me with their attention and care.

Why does this happen? Perhaps it is a matter of time, opportunities, or simply difficulties in life that prevent us from finding that same warmth and intimacy. Sometimes we put barriers in front of ourselves, not allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and open. But I believe that in this world there is a place for us who are looking for love and attention, and that sooner or later we will find what we need.

In the meantime, in moments of loneliness, I am learning to find solace in simple things - in books, music, and even in my own thoughts. And every time I manage to smile, every time I turn around and see even a tiny bit of warmth in my life, I feel like I'm finding little oases of happiness along the way. To avoid my post being at least somewhat useful, I recommend reading Black Water Lilies.