All the power is in dialogue
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“We didn’t get along” - justifying oneself “beloved”, instead of working on mistakes...
People disagree because of the banal inability to talk to each other and AGREE.
People punish themselves through understatement or games of silence.
Did something happen? START A DIALOGUE!!!
From declaring your love to admitting that you were wrong, there is no need to be afraid, embarrassed or proud.
All the power is in DIALOGUE.
The dialogue contains truth, feelings, and emotional intimacy. Only through dialogue do people become accessible to each other. Only through dialogue are strong alliances and faithful couples born. Has something happened?
There is no need to keep it to yourself and wait for an opportunity. Don't waste your time. Everything must be decided here and now. In hot pursuit. Learn to talk not only about everyday life, but also about how life is going with your beloved half.
In dialogue, people are like open books that you can read without fear of hidden subtexts and double meanings. In dialogue, people do not grow together, but initially feel whole.
In dialogue, people intertwine their hearts, turning everything into a sincere conversation.