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Success Stories
Each person seeks his happiness and fights for his love by any means! I went looking for my happiness on a dating site. ... read more
He was ready for a serious relationship. But I was worried whether he would be able to accept my child. ... read more
...My story began with a banal hello) It was a profile of a man named Alexander. ... read more
A crisis came into my life. And I no longer hoped that I could find a person who would settle in my heart. ... read more
I never thought that my man would live across several seas from me. I am an ordinary girl, who broke her heart ... read more
Hello, my name is Oksana, and my future husband is Mark, and we met on a dating site! ... read more
I always wanted a relationship with a man older, not because I'm strange, but because a man who knows what he wants ... read more
Our story began with a couple of phrases in the chat, he was without a photo, and at first I felt uneasy ... read more
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