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Success Stories
John and i met 1.5 years ago, and our relations there developed rapidly, I still can’t believe that they began with one word ... ... read more
If I ever doubt something, it’s definitely not about coming to the site! I am a skeptic; for me, dating on the Internet is alien. ... read more
My name is Angelica, now I am 31 years old and I'm going to get married. ... read more
A woman cannot be happy without a man. I know that for sure. I am already 32, and all this time I wanted to get married but ... read more
Guys, it really happened with me, and I am very happy! ... read more
We communicate long time, maybe several years, I came to visit my Anna two times ... read more
I always thought that I would meet my husband in my country! We will go on dates, drink coffee, and ... read more
Every love story should have its own happy ending! And now my story is only in full swing! ... read more
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