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Success Stories
Once I decided to register on a dating site, because in real time I did not have the opportunity to meet men. ... read more
When I saw his profile, I immediately thought “I have no chance” Such a charismatic man ... read more
My name is Valeria, I never thought that a man like William would appear in my life! ... read more
We found each other several years ago, we were like a friends,  was very nice to know each other and chatting together ... read more
Our story with Eli began quite normally, we met on the site, but there was one feature in it, I did not pay attention to it! ... read more
Hi, my name is Lena, and my future husband is Gary, and I still do not believe that everything happened in my life. ... read more
Everyone puts their meaning in the word - happiness. But for most people, happiness is success in a relationship with a partner. ... read more
I do not believe in fairy tales and love at first sight. In my life there were several disappointments in relationships. ... read more
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